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Working alongside you to create your legacy

Working alongside you to create your legacy

Elder Law

When looking for an elder law attorney, people need both experienced representation and compassionate, one-on-one attention. Richard J. Witry, formerly of McCarthy Duffy LLP, has been assisting clients in elder law issues for many years. He approaches each case individually, getting to know clients well and working diligently on the client’s behalf.

Mr. Witry is a model of stability, having served the Chicago area in various forms for over 39 years from his office in Skokie. Initial consultations are free for new clients.

Elder law is a broad field which encompasses many different issues. Attorney Richard J. Witry assists clients with:

Working on any of the above issues requires attentive contact with clients and tailoring a solution to the client’s specific needs and wishes. For example, when setting up programs for home care, Mr. Witry works with LivHOME® to get clients the ideal caretaker arrangement, hospital bed and other arrangements which the homebound client may need.

In one recent case, Mr. Witry contacted the Council of Jewish Elderly, who sent an application for a 90-year-old woman who was seeking a home. She had very specific needs, so Mr. Witry had to search extensively for the right circumstances. A central plank of his philosophy is to satisfy a client.

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To speak with attorney Richard J Witry personally about any elder law issue, call 877-344-0588. You can also email him through this website’s contact page. Initial consultations for new clients are free of charge.