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Working alongside you to create your legacy

Working alongside you to create your legacy

Long-Term Care Planning

Watching our loved ones get older and less independent is not easy. However, there are important conversations that need to occur with them to ensure that everything they have worked so hard to obtain ends up where they intend for it to go after they die.

Creating an estate plan while you’re still able is an important gift to give your loved ones. By doing so, they won’t have to second-guess what it is you want done or where funding for your long-term needs will come from. By working with an attorney to create a long-term care plan, the burden on your estate, as well as on your children, will be lessened.

How Do I Talk To My Loved One About End-Of-Life Care?

While the topic may not always be readily open for discussion, it is important to find out what plans your loved ones have already put in place. If a plan hasn’t been created yet, begin the conversation with what your loved one would like to see included in their plan. Estate planning is an exercise in gift-giving: It is a gift to those you want to receive it.

Besides A Nursing Home, What Options Are Available?

There are quite a few options available to seniors when living on their own is no longer feasible. For example, for senior citizens who want to stay in their home, SASI — Services for Adults Staying in Their Homes — is available. Caregivers are available to be with the client for as long as needed, whether it is only for a few hours or as much as 24 hours each day. Also, some family members choose to have their loved one relocate to their own home, so that they are able to care for them themselves.

Find Out What Options Are Right For You

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