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Working alongside you to create your legacy

Working alongside you to create your legacy

Trust And Probate Administration Services

Upon the death of a loved one, the surviving family and friends go through a grieving process. At this time, it is important to receive clear and concise direction as to how to deal with the legal complexities arising out of the death of a loved one. The process often results in disputes in which trial lawyers must often get involved.

Richard J. Witry, formerly of McCarthy Duffy LLP, maintains a comprehensive probate and estate administration practice encompassing. From his law office in Skokie, Illinois, Mr. Witry serves clients throughout the Chicago area.

Services provided by Mr. Witry include:

  • Probate – The process by which the Circuit Court oversees the administration of a decedent’s estate. Probate proceedings are either testate, i.e., the decedent left a will, or intestate, i.e., the decedent did not leave a will. With over 39 years of experience, Mr. Witry is capable of handling either proceeding.
  • Estate administration – The process by which the wishes of the decedent, as provided in the decedent’s will or trust, are carried out. This process includes the payment of the decedent’s debt, the collection of debts due to the decedent, payment of taxes, if any, and the distribution to the beneficiaries designated by the decedent.
  • Will contests
  • Guardianship issues

Mr. Witry also maintains practices in related issues of wills and trusts and elder law.

Richard J. Witry, formerly of McCarthy Duffy LLP, has proven to be able to handle the most complex estate matters. The decedent had left his estate to a church and an estranged son emerged to claim the estate. Because the estate was given to a charity, the attorney general was involved. The issue was resolved after extensive research and negotiation.

Another area of particular interest to Mr. Witry concerns guardianships. In guardianship proceedings, attorneys must go to court to secure the guardian’s appointment. Attorney Richard Witry handled one case involving a disabled adult who did not believe he was disabled. Because of Mr. Witry’s efforts, the matter became uncontested, saving the ward’s estate from excessive fees.

Mr. Witry is dedicated to providing a downtown experience at suburban prices. He focuses his attention on each client’s needs and works hard to make sure that his clients are comfortable with not only the issue at hand, but also mentally and physically. One way he accomplishes this is by coming right to the client’s location for an appointment, if they are unable to travel to him for any reason.

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